Back to Reality

Times up!

Sembreak ends tonight. Reality strikes back again tomorrow.

After three weeks of  a temporary and sweet escape from the academic slaughterhouse that is law school, it’s time once more  to plunge into more distress and torture.

But allow me first to savor this last night of freedom by reminiscing the break that has been. Remember the bucket list that I specially made before the vacation began?

Well guess what. Not even half of those deserve a full check mark for compliance. Hahaha! The Samar trip didn’t push through; plans of joining a bazaar were postponed; and I didn’t dress up for Halloween. 😦

But don’t think that I totally slacked off. Luckily, I found time to start editing a video for my mom’s birthday; watch at least one season of a TV series; read a book and a few magazines; and duh, update this blog. Good times come in between. And oh, I had a haircut – the one thing that I kept on rescheduling during the past months. :))

Perhaps the perfect was to describe my sembreak is this: being my sister’s personal driver. Sad life. Hahaha kidding!

Very fortunate that the second semester comes with a break halfway through it. School hasn’t even started yet and I’m looking forward to Christmas already! LOL

For a good head start for the semester ahead, I tried (emphasis on tried) to channel some serious vibe for my Lookbook outfit post for the week. Hype this one here! 😀


Anyway, since I made a sembreak bucketlist, I’ve decided to have one for the actual semester. Well it’s not actually a list since there’s only one item in it: do my best in everything  this time and pull my grades to DL level. Yeah, only one item, but it entails hard work – lots of it. This is a tough one, but I gotta push myself more, stop procrastinating and enjoy the thrill that learning brings. 🙂

New classes. New professors. A new semester. A fresh start.


Sembreak Bucket List

This should give me enough motivation to hurdle through the last few weeks of this semester.

  • Samar trip to visit Faye!
  • My 21st birthday (and debut! haha) Still thinking on what to do!
  • Prepare stuff for Mom’s 50th birthday. Golden girl!
  • Sell my old stuff in a bazaar. Hopefully this pushes through!
  • Halloween!! Wondering who/what to wear this time.
  • Catch up on TV shows and movies.  Special mention: Suits and Game of Thrones
  • Peruse through the piles of unread magazines/books
  • Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2012
  • Writeeeeee.
  • Finally, start studying for second sem. HAHAHA
Anything else to add?
Woooohoo, excited!! 😀