Squeezing this quick post before I start reading again. It’s been hard to find the time to update my blog and Lookbook account ever since this semester started. We were bombarded by piles of readings – as in literally!  Spent quite a fortune already for photocopying cases just for one class. Sigh. All-nighters are becoming a habit too. It’s one of those times that I can really say with conviction that twenty-four hours a day isn’t really enough.

Nevertheless, I still made time to go to Soderno’s opening! (nice segue ba? Haha!) Finally, a food slash lifestyle market in the south! It’s located at the Molito complex, bounded by Madrigal Avenue, Commerce Avenue and Alabang-Zapote Road. Soderno is a brainchild of the same group of people behind the highly-successful Mercato Centrale at the Bonifacio Global City and the soon-to-be-opened Distrito in Makati.

The place was packed when we got there. After all, it’s their opening night. The food stalls are quite familiar since most of them are almost the same ones located in Mercato, but the whole area of Soderno is smaller. There are a few new and nice additions though. Finding tables and chairs for dining is not an easy task. Parking is a bit of a problem too. Hopefully they can improve on these aspects in the weeks to come. Still, Soderno is a welcome addition to the quaint atmosphere of Alabang.

Credits to my friend Chesca for the photos below. She used her new SLR. Woot!

Went with some of my high school friends. 🙂

Burrito for me!

Chesca's burger

Korean and Latina? LOL

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen? HAHA

Perhaps my most dignified photo of the night! Still looked stressed though!

The Soderno at Molito is open every weekends: the Lifestyle Market is every Saturday, from 7AM – 4PM; the Organic Market is every Sunday, 7AM – 4PM; and the Night Market runs every Friday and Saturday from 6PM – 3AM.

Happy weekend food-triping, fellow south people! 🙂


Sembreak Kickoff

Woohoo I’m officially on sembreak!! All exams and papers are finally done! The past semester has been my sort of transition period to law school, and I’m  glad that I’ve coped well. Generally, my study habits have improved; except for those times when I succumbed to the temptations of procrastination. Hahaha! I know I could have done better, but at least I know where to improve myself on when school resumes next month.

Anyway, after our final exams last Friday, I went to Mercato with some blockmates to celebrate. LOL! It was actually my first time there. (Don’t judge me! HAHA!) It’s a foodie’s paradise! Took me quite some time before I finally found something that will satisfy my tummy. If only I could fit an enormous chunk of food in my stomach, then I would have bought everything! Haha! Here’s what I got.

Wagyu Paella

This Mango Yakult drink really tastes good!

While strolling, I saw something I’ve been hearing good reviews about: the Krispy Kreme Burger! Will definitely try it next time!

Krispy Kreme Burger

My first time there certainly won’t be the last! Hoping to be back soon!

Went to Amber after for the Bonnie Bailey party. At first, I’m not really familiar with her. It was when she started to sing that I recognized the voice behind the face. Apparently she was the one who sang ‘Ever After.’ Then while singing the song, particularly with the part that says ‘twisted sunshine,’ she held my hand for like five seconds. I dunno what that means, but yeah, an international celeb was holding my hand! :))

Thanks to my friend Kaye for the photos below. And sorry if I look really haggard! Exam stress eh! Haha!

Bonnie Bailey

Fantastic way to usher in my sembreak! Here’s to a fun-filled 3 weeks! 😀