Long Weekend

So thankful for the long weekend! A welcome respite from all the stress that school brings. Went to Tagaytay together with my family and cousins. I’m actually tired of that place but my sister, cousin and I discovered a new fun way on how to kill time there. Hint: photos! HAHAHA. I’ll post them in the weeks to come. 🙂

The weather is colder than ordinary days because of the rains. Fortunately, Typhoon Mina didn’t totally ruin our vacation. The TV signal in our house was bad but I still managed to catch the Ateneo-La Salle game in the clubhouse. Woohoo nice game!! Perhaps the only thing I hated about the weekend is the eating part. Every gathering in our family seems like one big feast. The house is a bottomless pit of food – lots of it! I have a feeling that the following days will serve as a time to repent for my gluttonous acts.

The journey home took us more than four effing hours. Metro Manila traffic spilled over Tagaytay. Normally, the travel time would just be two hours or less. The worse would be around three hours during the Holy Week. I hope that  the officials there would do something about the problem since the place has been commercially booming recently.

Nevertheless, the break afforded me a good time to rest and relax. The next long holiday for me will be the sem break, which is like six weeks away from now. Can’t wait! 😀

Photo shoot with my sister and cousin. Will post photos soon. HAHA!

Exhausted after an afternoon of posing and smiling.

Don't be deceived. I really suck at bowling 😦

My twelve year old cousin plays better than me. Sad.

Last stopover: pasalubongs

Eternal Tagaytay staple - buko pie!