Back to Reality

Times up!

Sembreak ends tonight. Reality strikes back again tomorrow.

After three weeks of  a temporary and sweet escape from the academic slaughterhouse that is law school, it’s time once more  to plunge into more distress and torture.

But allow me first to savor this last night of freedom by reminiscing the break that has been. Remember the bucket list that I specially made before the vacation began?

Well guess what. Not even half of those deserve a full check mark for compliance. Hahaha! The Samar trip didn’t push through; plans of joining a bazaar were postponed; and I didn’t dress up for Halloween. 😦

But don’t think that I totally slacked off. Luckily, I found time to start editing a video for my mom’s birthday; watch at least one season of a TV series; read a book and a few magazines; and duh, update this blog. Good times come in between. And oh, I had a haircut – the one thing that I kept on rescheduling during the past months. :))

Perhaps the perfect was to describe my sembreak is this: being my sister’s personal driver. Sad life. Hahaha kidding!

Very fortunate that the second semester comes with a break halfway through it. School hasn’t even started yet and I’m looking forward to Christmas already! LOL

For a good head start for the semester ahead, I tried (emphasis on tried) to channel some serious vibe for my Lookbook outfit post for the week. Hype this one here! 😀


Anyway, since I made a sembreak bucketlist, I’ve decided to have one for the actual semester. Well it’s not actually a list since there’s only one item in it: do my best in everything  this time and pull my grades to DL level. Yeah, only one item, but it entails hard work – lots of it. This is a tough one, but I gotta push myself more, stop procrastinating and enjoy the thrill that learning brings. 🙂

New classes. New professors. A new semester. A fresh start.


Post-Midterms Breather

My lame attempt to take a pseudo-artsy photo. Haha!

HURRAH! My first (and hopefully not the last) midterms week in law school is finally over! The photo above is symbolic of my state of mind after the exams: baffled, obscured, nauseated. Lol

Definitely, getting past through all those days of hardcore studying deserves a celebration! Right after our last exam, which was Constitutional Law (bless us, Fr. B!), our block went to the house of Leon, our class beadle, in LGV. We had dinner first before going and my car-mates decided to eat in Banapple! I missed that place! Tried a new dish on their menu and it was good as usual. Too bad their prices went up a bit though.

Good times in Leon’s place after! I’m really lucky to belong in an awesome block. 🙂 Had to leave early though. Makes me wonder what happened after. Hahaha. Photos below are from Quito Nitura.

Woohoo Block A 2015!!

Midterms done. Freedom!

Then apparently, International Beer Day falls the day after, August 5. Talk about perfect timing. Hahaha! Had dinner and drinks at Craft with Mirza, Ani and Tina. Boo, the others didn’t go. 😦 Anyway, their food selection is great, but I particularly loved their mozzarella sticks. Craft is loacted in Fort Strip, beside Amber and Katsu. (There Ani, I plugged your restos! Hahaha!)

Happy International Beer Day!

Dinner at Craft

This band made me love oldies rock, at least for a night.

Mirza and Ani (aka The Bawse)

Reality check: midterms may be over but regular classes are back this week. Time to get back in the zone then!

Halfway There

The look of stress. HAHA! And yes, I'm wearing glasses again!


At last, I found the time to write again! I’ve been busy the past few weeks with school, thus explaining my hiatus (hiatus?!) in updating this blog.

It’s been almost two and a half months since my Calvary started and our midterms are scheduled this week and the week after. Luckily, not all of the professors chose to give midterms and some opted to assign a research paper or a group work instead. I am only left with two exams next week – Legal Research and Constitutional Law. Hence, I have lots of leeway to procrastinate and write something that is not in any way related to law! Hahaha!

Well not exactly. This post is really meant as a way to tell how my first few weeks in law school turned out to be. So hmm, how do I start?

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I have to admit, this is perhaps one of the best days of my life. I got admitted to Ateneo Law School.

Yeah I know, to some this might not be big enough of a deal; but this means so much for me. Last week, I graduated from college, not sure on what would I be doing after. Some of my batchmates already have job offers from those multinational companies, but there I was, still undecided on which track I will choose to take. I didn’t bother to submit my resume during the job fair at school, nor did I check potential job matches on JobStreet or JobsDB. During that time, my mind is set that I would first wait for the results of the law school admissions before really doing something concrete about my immediate plans. Continue reading