To usher in the Christmas break, some of my law blockmates and I decided to have  a roadtrip! Destination: Tagaytay. Woohoo!

Well not really. Haha! At first we really intended to study somewhere in the area, since it is our midterms already when class resumes. But then again, it’s Christmas and we’re supposed to enjoy and have a good time – so studying had to be rescheduled at a later time. :))

with blockmates: Karen, Roxie & Marck

Buffalo Wings for lunch!

Serenitea first-timers!

Availed of Serenitea's anniversary promo. JUMBO milk tea!

Trekking at Picnic Grove

Would love to use this for my Lookbook shot, but my eyes doomed it!

Happy Feet penguins! 😀


In other news, Mirza is back from France!!! (well at least for the holidays) Good job surprising everyone! Drank the night away, like good, old times.

We threw her a surprise despedida; she had a surprise comeback!

Here’s what I wore that day. Plaid button down (Arrow), jeans (Levi’s), blazer (Dean and Trent), boots (Lumberjack). Hype this look on Loobook here! 😀


Mountain Trekker

P.S. Look at the outcome of this day’s shenanigans:

The sole of my boot fell off!!! :((  Lucky me, this happened when I’m about to head home already. If it fell off earlier that, I don’t think I can stand the hassle and the humiliation. Hahaha!

Anyway, I wish everyone a  merry and blessed Christmas!!! May all of us get the happiness we deserve this season. 🙂



Squeezing this quick post before I start reading again. It’s been hard to find the time to update my blog and Lookbook account ever since this semester started. We were bombarded by piles of readings – as in literally!  Spent quite a fortune already for photocopying cases just for one class. Sigh. All-nighters are becoming a habit too. It’s one of those times that I can really say with conviction that twenty-four hours a day isn’t really enough.

Nevertheless, I still made time to go to Soderno’s opening! (nice segue ba? Haha!) Finally, a food slash lifestyle market in the south! It’s located at the Molito complex, bounded by Madrigal Avenue, Commerce Avenue and Alabang-Zapote Road. Soderno is a brainchild of the same group of people behind the highly-successful Mercato Centrale at the Bonifacio Global City and the soon-to-be-opened Distrito in Makati.

The place was packed when we got there. After all, it’s their opening night. The food stalls are quite familiar since most of them are almost the same ones located in Mercato, but the whole area of Soderno is smaller. There are a few new and nice additions though. Finding tables and chairs for dining is not an easy task. Parking is a bit of a problem too. Hopefully they can improve on these aspects in the weeks to come. Still, Soderno is a welcome addition to the quaint atmosphere of Alabang.

Credits to my friend Chesca for the photos below. She used her new SLR. Woot!

Went with some of my high school friends. 🙂

Burrito for me!

Chesca's burger

Korean and Latina? LOL

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen? HAHA

Perhaps my most dignified photo of the night! Still looked stressed though!

The Soderno at Molito is open every weekends: the Lifestyle Market is every Saturday, from 7AM – 4PM; the Organic Market is every Sunday, 7AM – 4PM; and the Night Market runs every Friday and Saturday from 6PM – 3AM.

Happy weekend food-triping, fellow south people! 🙂

Long Weekend

So thankful for the long weekend! A welcome respite from all the stress that school brings. Went to Tagaytay together with my family and cousins. I’m actually tired of that place but my sister, cousin and I discovered a new fun way on how to kill time there. Hint: photos! HAHAHA. I’ll post them in the weeks to come. 🙂

The weather is colder than ordinary days because of the rains. Fortunately, Typhoon Mina didn’t totally ruin our vacation. The TV signal in our house was bad but I still managed to catch the Ateneo-La Salle game in the clubhouse. Woohoo nice game!! Perhaps the only thing I hated about the weekend is the eating part. Every gathering in our family seems like one big feast. The house is a bottomless pit of food – lots of it! I have a feeling that the following days will serve as a time to repent for my gluttonous acts.

The journey home took us more than four effing hours. Metro Manila traffic spilled over Tagaytay. Normally, the travel time would just be two hours or less. The worse would be around three hours during the Holy Week. I hope that  the officials there would do something about the problem since the place has been commercially booming recently.

Nevertheless, the break afforded me a good time to rest and relax. The next long holiday for me will be the sem break, which is like six weeks away from now. Can’t wait! 😀

Photo shoot with my sister and cousin. Will post photos soon. HAHA!

Exhausted after an afternoon of posing and smiling.

Don't be deceived. I really suck at bowling 😦

My twelve year old cousin plays better than me. Sad.

Last stopover: pasalubongs

Eternal Tagaytay staple - buko pie!

Bangkok Shopping

Siam Paragon, one of Bangkok's posh shopping malls

Bangkok is a shopping mecca! Period.

If you’re on a trip to this wonderful city, there’s a high probability that the main reason you’re going there is not for the temples or any other cultural landscape that the place has to offer. Rather, you’re enticed to go to the Thai capital because of the wonderful shopping experience that the place promises.

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Destination BKK

Shrine of the Golden Buddha

It’s been a while since I had an out-of-the-country trip. That is why, I was filled with much excitement when we finally went to Thailand last week. Together with my family and some of my cousins, we left Manila last Wednesday, May 4. In all fairness, NAIA 2 didn’t disappoint me. Airport officials were efficient and facilities were adequate. Terminal 2 is much better than NAIA 1, which constantly receives flak due to ageing and poorly-maintained facilities. However, I can’t wait till the time when the government will finally develop Clark and groom it as the country’s main international gateway.

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