I’m baaack!

My blog is back from the dead, albeit a month after Easter.

I can come up with a variety of alibis for my failure to update this during the last five months. For one, I’ve been preoccupied with school. Being a freshman law student was challenging on all aspects; right now, I’m just thankful that I have survived it. Sometimes, I’m just too tired or terribly busy. Or probably the most appropriate reason for my blog’s inactivity is the utter lack of something to write about.

I started this blog a year ago with nothing particular in mind except to have an outlet to express myself. And it is precisely because of that why the pieces I’ve been churning seem to have no focus at all. It has become a personal diary cum pseudo-fashion journal. A halo-halo of sorts – delectable or not depending upon your taste.

Sometimes, I ask myself the reason why I blog. Frankly speaking, it is one way for me to have an “online presence.” Apart from all my social networking accounts, I think that having this would make me relevant, or at the very least visible to the eyes of many. What do I mean exactly by that? I prefer to expound on it in a future blog entry. Hopefully writing it doesn’t take me a lifetime.

For now, I’d like to continue updating this thing a notch higher than what I’ve been doing in the past. I won’t promise mind-blowing entries, nor would I dare to write very trivial ones. The only thing I’m sure of is that I’ll try to make every piece worth of my reader’s time. Not necessarily to make a difference, but even with just a small goal of sparking a glint of thought among them. I’m lucky to have come across a blogging seminar that I guess would answer all my woes. It’s set later this month and I’m absolutely looking forward to that.

I really am not sure how the direction of this journal would be like in the next couple of weeks, but more or less, I already have a hint on the subjects for my future posts, as well as ways on how to tackle them. Let’s just see how things go.

But right now, let me assure and assert that I’m baaack – for good. 🙂

P.S. Part of that change necessarily includes my layout. Hoping this new one suits me better than the vanity-inspired format. Haha! Will continue revamping and tweaking things in the days to come! 😉


Halfway There

The look of stress. HAHA! And yes, I'm wearing glasses again!


At last, I found the time to write again! I’ve been busy the past few weeks with school, thus explaining my hiatus (hiatus?!) in updating this blog.

It’s been almost two and a half months since my Calvary started and our midterms are scheduled this week and the week after. Luckily, not all of the professors chose to give midterms and some opted to assign a research paper or a group work instead. I am only left with two exams next week – Legal Research and Constitutional Law. Hence, I have lots of leeway to procrastinate and write something that is not in any way related to law! Hahaha!

Well not exactly. This post is really meant as a way to tell how my first few weeks in law school turned out to be. So hmm, how do I start?

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New Beginnings

The Easter Bunny

Easter has always been associated with new beginnings. After all, it is not considered Catholicism’s greatest feast for nothing. As the Messiah, Christ suffered and died on the cross to save mankind from eternal damnation. In turn, His resurrection sends us his message of renewal. Lent allowed us a time to reflect; and now, Easter gives us the opportunity to undertake the right course of action. More than just New Year’s resolutions, I believe that Easter is the perfect time for someone to really engage himself in change that is long-lasting. Continue reading