PFW: Veejay Floresca Spring/Summer 2012

Fresh from the fashion course he took in London, Veejay Floresca presented a Spring/Summer 2012 collection that is very unique from what he has done previously. From the usual glam and extravagant pieces, Veejay opted to stay a bit simpler this time. But that doesn’t mean the pieces are inferior. His usual trademark of stunning pattern designs lives on, a testament of his great attention to detail. The shift is understandable. As Veejay himself said, he wants every woman to relate with his collection and he dedicates it to them.

You may contact Veejay Floresca at 964 0818 or 0917 501 3535. Send him an email at Visit his site at


PFW: Ulysses King Spring/Summer 2012

The runways of Philippine Fashion Week got several degrees hotter as Ulysses King presented his Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The models paraded in skimpy bikinis, most of which are combinations of black and neon tones. But for those aren’t ready to don those steamy beach wear, don’t fret; there are jackets, trousers and bodycons too.

Showbiz stars Ivan Dorschner, Markki Stroem, Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles also walked for Ulysses King. The neon they’re wearing made them shine even brighter.

You may contact Ulysses King at 659 6863, 0917 837 4000 or email him at


PFW: Russell Villafuerte Spring/Summer 2012

Russell Villafuerte’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection gives a new meaning to the femme fatale, with militaristic-inspired pieces for women made of camouflage and patent leather exerting their dominance on the runway.

Russell Villafuerte takes his bow. Contact him at 442 3326 or 0917 751 4206. You may also email him at


PFW: Melchor Guinto Spring/Summer 2012

Melchor Guinto knows how to strike the perfect balance between casual and glam, as depicted in his Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

PFW: Derick Hibaler Spring/Summer 2012

Popular jeans designer Derick Hibaler once again rocked the runway with plaid and cowboy shirts dominating his Spring/Summer 2012 collection. He also presented pieces for women, consisting mainly of tight dresses and bodycons.

On a side note, given his physique, Hibaler could qualify as a model himself, right?

Contact Derick Hibaler at 09062428354 or email him at