Study Nook

For students like me, there has to be this particular place wherein one can spend countless and continuous hours of pure reading or doing school work.  Studying at home seems to be the last resort, given the barrage of temptations that may hamper one’s study routine: there’s TV, internet access and the bed. That is why, it pays to study outside – literally and figuratively. Yeah true, you might have to spend a bit. But still, it’s a good price to pay in exchange for increased productivity.

In finding such, I primarily consider two factors, namely: coziness and tranquility. Other aspects can be plus-points depending on one’s needs. Luckily for me, I have found a place where I can consider as a study nook during the course of my law studies. *drum roll please* The Coffee Bean branch in Burgos Circle. Haha! I love the vibe and ambiance of the area. The atmosphere is quiet serene and there are other law and med students studying too. Plus, the drinks and pastries are good (and not that costly) Haha!

Thanks to my friend Kooks for taking the photos below. She takes awesome photos, right? Check out her blog here. 🙂

Law books and readings make my heart jump

Taking a break from studying :))

The Studious Me


P.S. When I arrive there early, I manage to get the couch seats which provide me a good view of the cityscape!


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