Mirza’s Surprise Despedida

Saying goodbye seems to be the “in” thing these past couple of weeks.  In that span of time, I’ve been through a handful of despedidas, with people going abroad either to migrate, to work or to pursue further studies.

The most recent of which is the upcoming departure of my good friend, Mirza. She’s leaving later this week for France, where she will pursue a masterals course on Business and Economics.  The program will last for two years and she’s not sure whether she would be able to go back home during term breaks. 😦

Because of this, we decided to throw a despedida for her. We had it last Friday at Toyz Experience in the Fort Strip. Loved the place. Perfect combination of chill and fun. So relieved that a good number of people came despite the last-minute planning! It was supposed to be a surprise gathering for her and fortunately, it went off successfully. 🙂

Good luck in France dear! I know that you’ll make it big eventually! Love you!

Waiting for Mirza to arrive

Mirza’s blockmates & theater people – Glorie, Zel, Tasha, Mikey, Betsy, Tekla


Surprised much? LOL

Brown Belters. We’re all wearing the same color of belt (okay how shallow. haha)

The Boys. I bet there are more incriminating photos than this one.

Mirza, Tina, JT

With the boys. Nico, Ernest, Ivan S, Ivan A, Me!

After the stress of all that planning, we made it!!!

Love you dear! I’ll definitely miss you!


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