Captain America

I’m not really a fan of comics. Perhaps the closest semblance of me engaging in such stuff is when I read those cartoon strips in the newspapers. Well fine, I doubt if they really are legit comics at all. Hahaha. Point is, they’re not really my type and I’d rather spend my money somewhere else.

That is why, whenever I watch movies that originated from those big-time comic houses like Marvel and DC, I enter the cinema without any expectation or any background of what I’m about to see.  I chose to watch those movies only to be entertained and of course, to be attuned with the talk of the town. Spending 2 hours and 200 bucks is kind of reasonable to witness how those graphics and speech bubbles are creatively transformed in a flick that is really visually-stimulating, though not necessarily thought-provoking.

Which brings me to my point. I watched Captain America yesterday – not as a fan, but as a regular audience member who wants to find out how his life of heroism came to be. My siblings and I were supposed to watch it in Alabang Town Center, but the tickets left in SureSeats are for the late-night screenings. So instead, we ended up watching in Festival Mall. It’s been a while since I last caught a movie there and all I can say is that they have the worst seats ever! Those people who end up sleeping in the middle of the movie would wake up with stiff necks since the head rest is so low and the cushions are so hard.  The only thing I liked about the theater is the aircon in full blast. Haha.

Anyway, as expected, I find the movie to be entertaining.  I really don’t have an idea beforehand of who Captain America is – his back story, his superpowers, etc – prior to watching the film. All I know is that he is the head of their superhero team called the Avengers. The movie is not dragging, though I’m getting particularly tired about the use of Soviet Russia or the Nazis as the perennial antagonists in action movies. But still, I love how they captured the essence of those old times. 1940s America seems very enticing! The buildings, the cars, the clothes and even the hair! :)) And for sure, watching Chris Evans is a treat to most audiences out there. Hahaha.

My favorite scene in the movie is the part where Captain America seems to be “commodified” as he dances for the people who cheer for him. He has his own back-up dancers and it comes across like Wowowee/Willie Revillame, superhero style! Kidding! I got LSS with the song in that part, “Star-Spangled Man.” I immediately Googled the song the moment I got home.  Here, listen to it!

See?! It’s so catchy that I think that would be a perfect tune for my morning alarm. LOL

After the credits, a trailer of the Avengers movie was shown. It seems awesome! I’m excited for 2012. But before that, I have to catch Thor first!

Anyway, after watching, my brother decided to buy new shoes. While waiting for him, my sister and I strolled around and we ended up in the mini-amusement park. The last time I was there was like almost eight years ago. Or even longer! I remember those times when we go there to ride the rides (?) haha. I’m actually surprised that many people still frequent the place. A good number of them though are Koreans. We rode the roller coaster again, just to experience the feeling once more. :))

Calm before the storm. I started shouting when the ride started. Hahaha!

You wanna know how the ride was?? I shouted the whole time! :)) I’m really like that when I ride those rides at amusement parks. It’s fun but I’m also scared that I might fall. Hahaha! Oh well. if ever that happens, maybe Captain America will be there to save me. 😉


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