Malfoy and Weasley for Band of Outsiders Fall 2011

Band of  Outsiders casts magic on their Fall 2011 collection with Harry Potter stars Tom Felton and Rupert Grint for their lookbook. And have I mentioned that the photos are rendered on Polaroid? Dopeness.


Long Weekend

So thankful for the long weekend! A welcome respite from all the stress that school brings. Went to Tagaytay together with my family and cousins. I’m actually tired of that place but my sister, cousin and I discovered a new fun way on how to kill time there. Hint: photos! HAHAHA. I’ll post them in the weeks to come. 🙂

The weather is colder than ordinary days because of the rains. Fortunately, Typhoon Mina didn’t totally ruin our vacation. The TV signal in our house was bad but I still managed to catch the Ateneo-La Salle game in the clubhouse. Woohoo nice game!! Perhaps the only thing I hated about the weekend is the eating part. Every gathering in our family seems like one big feast. The house is a bottomless pit of food – lots of it! I have a feeling that the following days will serve as a time to repent for my gluttonous acts.

The journey home took us more than four effing hours. Metro Manila traffic spilled over Tagaytay. Normally, the travel time would just be two hours or less. The worse would be around three hours during the Holy Week. I hope that  the officials there would do something about the problem since the place has been commercially booming recently.

Nevertheless, the break afforded me a good time to rest and relax. The next long holiday for me will be the sem break, which is like six weeks away from now. Can’t wait! 😀

Photo shoot with my sister and cousin. Will post photos soon. HAHA!

Exhausted after an afternoon of posing and smiling.

Don't be deceived. I really suck at bowling 😦

My twelve year old cousin plays better than me. Sad.

Last stopover: pasalubongs

Eternal Tagaytay staple - buko pie!

August Shoe Digs 2.0

Coz once a month of this is not enough.

Acne (2x)

Balenciaga Fall Winter 2011 Sneakers

Church’s ‘Elan’ Brogue Boot

Converse Jack Purcell Leather Boat Shoe

Mark McNairy Fall/Winter 2011 Wingtip Brogue

McQ by Alexander McQueen 2011 Fall/Winter Brogue

Neil Barret X Shearling Palladium Boots

Urban Research “Ignition” Suede Chukkas

Visvim Skagway Seminole

White’s Two Tone Semi-Dress Boots

Yuketen Short Hunt Boots

Adidas X Ransom “Dover” and “Strata”

Bed Stu Footwear Spring 2012

Tricker’s & Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons MAN Brogue

Sifr Spring-Summer 2012

Florsheim by Duckie Brown Spring Summer 2012


via Style Salvage | Style for Guys | DapperLou

Mirza’s Surprise Despedida

Saying goodbye seems to be the “in” thing these past couple of weeks.  In that span of time, I’ve been through a handful of despedidas, with people going abroad either to migrate, to work or to pursue further studies.

The most recent of which is the upcoming departure of my good friend, Mirza. She’s leaving later this week for France, where she will pursue a masterals course on Business and Economics.  The program will last for two years and she’s not sure whether she would be able to go back home during term breaks. 😦

Because of this, we decided to throw a despedida for her. We had it last Friday at Toyz Experience in the Fort Strip. Loved the place. Perfect combination of chill and fun. So relieved that a good number of people came despite the last-minute planning! It was supposed to be a surprise gathering for her and fortunately, it went off successfully. 🙂

Good luck in France dear! I know that you’ll make it big eventually! Love you!

Waiting for Mirza to arrive

Mirza’s blockmates & theater people – Glorie, Zel, Tasha, Mikey, Betsy, Tekla


Surprised much? LOL

Brown Belters. We’re all wearing the same color of belt (okay how shallow. haha)

The Boys. I bet there are more incriminating photos than this one.

Mirza, Tina, JT

With the boys. Nico, Ernest, Ivan S, Ivan A, Me!

After the stress of all that planning, we made it!!!

Love you dear! I’ll definitely miss you!

Review: A Septic Tank’s Fragrance

Ang Babae sa Septic Tank is a parody of filmmaking in the Philippines

The sudden surge of popularity of indie filmmaking here in the Philippines has made it a victim of its own success.

When indie movies were just starting to get local recognition, many of them had already won awards abroad and had toured the circuits of international film festivals. Driven by these accomplishments, many filmmakers, the established and the aspiring ones alike, began to follow suit. However, not every movie was done tastefully, unlike their trendsetting predecessors.  The thematic components behind most of these films usually revolve around the same topics: poverty, homosexual romance, and poverty again.

This was the premise that 2011 Cinemalaya Best Film “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” tried to depict. It demonstrates the experiences of three young and aspiring filmmakers as they weed through the challenges of making their first project together. Rainier (Kean Cipriano) is the ambitious director brimming with both eagerness and overconfidence; Bingbong (JM de Guzman) is the visionary producer who makes up for the zealousness of his director friend; and Jocelyn (Cai Cortez) is the production assistant who doesn’t speak a single line in the film, but is the one responsible for the “dream” sequences because of her character’s wild imagination.

The ‘film’ they are making is called “Walang Wala” which tells the story of impoverished Mila (Eugene Domingo) as she struggles through making ends meet for her family. She does all sorts of things in order for her to earn a living, including the seemingly despicable job of cleaning a septic tank. It reached a point where she can’t take their situation any longer that she decided to sell one of her children to an American pedophile in exchange for cold cash. This is the aspect of poverty that the “aspiring filmmakers” want to highlight in their first film. They are of the notion that first-world film critics will recognize their film just because it tackles a somewhat disturbing third-world dilemma. “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” successfully satirizes this reality in local filmmaking.

Comedic genius Eugene Domingo

The three actors should be commended for their realistic portrayal of filmmakers who were engulfed by their false notions about the industry and were blinded by their desires to get international recognition. However, the film really belongs to Eugene Domingo. She played not just the role of feeble Mila, but also some other roles with various characterizations. She even played “herself” in the movie and gives a funny rendition of different kinds of acting in her book, namely: elevator acting, TV Patrol acting, and as is-where is acting. This specific part in the film really tells how much of a comedic genius she is. A certain part in the film was also rendered musically, a la Broadway, and this provides us a glimpse of Domingo’s previous background in theater. The music was catchy and worded wittily too! That part was also my personal favorite in the movie. Watch and know why:

Aside from depicting the problems with indie filmmaking, Septic Tank also provided a comparison between mainstream and independent films. To be fair with indie, the film also revealed the problems of making movies commercially: excessive melodrama (which borders on overacting), product placements, and demanding stars with a diva-like attitude. Hence, the movie serves as a parody of the state of Philippine cinema in general.

Although this is Marlon Rivera’s directorial debut, it doesn’t feel like this is the first movie he has done.  Before this film, I know him as a fashion designer. But after this movie, being a director might eventually become his primary credential. As expected, the script written by Chris Martinez did not fail to deliver. It was hilarious in most aspects, following in the footsteps of his previous works like “Here Comes the Bride” and “Temptation Island”. The tandem of these two artists is definitely a riot. Their next project is something I look forward to!

Photo of Direk Marlon Rivera that I took during Fashion Week. He's with fellow designer M Barretto.

The movie is said to be the most successful Cinemalaya film in terms of box-office. Hence, Star Cinema, perhaps the biggest mainstream film producer in the country, picked it up for commercial release. Judging by the film’s content, there seems to be an irony right there. It’s painful to state the obvious.

Currently, the movie is doing well in theaters. Hopefully, it would serve as an eyeopener to the current state of cinema, both indie and commercial. Which leads us to ask: could it actually be saved before it gets completely drenched in grime and grub? With the outcome of this film, I am quite optimistic.

Not every septic tank smells that filthy, after all.