Halfway There

The look of stress. HAHA! And yes, I'm wearing glasses again!


At last, I found the time to write again! I’ve been busy the past few weeks with school, thus explaining my hiatus (hiatus?!) in updating this blog.

It’s been almost two and a half months since my Calvary started and our midterms are scheduled this week and the week after. Luckily, not all of the professors chose to give midterms and some opted to assign a research paper or a group work instead. I am only left with two exams next week – Legal Research and Constitutional Law. Hence, I have lots of leeway to procrastinate and write something that is not in any way related to law! Hahaha!

Well not exactly. This post is really meant as a way to tell how my first few weeks in law school turned out to be. So hmm, how do I start?

I entered law school with lots of preconceived notions of how hard is it going to be. Based from the stories I’ve read, heard and gathered, I created in my mind a picture of seclusion – that my life would revolve around reading, studying, and reading again. If I am going to compare it with how I lived out my college years, that would have been a complete turnaround. I would be entering a world that is quite new to me again. I must learn how to inculcate in myself once more the habit of intense studying and precisely, that comes with a lot of discipline.

I was ready for a complete overhaul of my lifestyle. I was ready to lose my affair watching my favorite series and movies. I was ready to suffer some setback in my social life, even if that would mean not attending dinner and movie dates or drinking session with my friends. I was ready to give up the luxury of not having enough hours of sleep, if that would mean extra time for me to study. I was ready to devote myself completely, so that my goals would be realized.

That is how my first weeks in school came to be.

But then eventually, it came to a point when I realized that what I was doing wasn’t actually working for me. I honestly think that I’m better the way I was.

The fact that I’m in a totally new world doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to drastically “improve” myself – if you call that improvement at all.

I can manage to survive without having to fully limit myself to the confines of my law books, handouts and case digests. True, I must study and read, but I proved to myself that I can do that in moderation and not in utter neglect of the world around me. I am fine with the habits that I’m accustomed to, but of course with some gradual changes.

All the reading is making me stressed but I can say that I am enjoying every bit of my stay in school. Compared to college, I find the stuff that I learn now to be more interesting since they are more applicable and practical (unlike those graphs and regression in economics. haha!).

So far, my recitations have turned out to be fine, except that one time when I was called in my Criminal Law class and I haven’t read the case that the professor asked me to recite. 😦 HAHA. Oh well.

Currently, my favorite class is Constitutional Law, in spite of the fact that Fr. Bernas assigns the most number of readings to us. Fr. Bernas is just way too adorable and funny! And he is still good and sharp despite his age. And speaking of age, we threw a birthday party for him, medieval style! Throwing birthday parties for him seems to be an annual tradition of the classes he handles (and if he likes the party, he will fail less people in the class. :)) ) I dressed up as a member of the royalty, with Henry VIII as my peg; but people thought that I came as a jester because of my hat. Hahaha.

Fr. Bernas' Medieval Birthday Party. Thanks Quito for the photo!

We are required to go to class in corporate attire everyday, so that means either shirt-and-tie or polo barong. I’m more inclined to wear a shirt and tie since it allows me to look more gallant. Hahaha! Polo barongs are just too boring for me and I only wear them when I’m too lazy to dress up or if I go to school for one hour of class. I find dressing up now to be quite challenging since I am still in the process of infusing my wardrobe with more formal stuff. Also, I have yet to experiment on the looks that suit me well. One thing is for sure: I miss wearing shorts! :(( Fortunately, we have no dress code for Saturdays and during examination days. Well at least, my neck and legs could breathe during those days.

Finally, one more reason to enjoy school is my block. At such an early period in our stay in school, I think that we’re quite close and really at ease with each other. There’s this notion of block unity and cooperation. And of course, that comes in handy during those times when you need help in recitation. Haha! I might not be close with everyone of them, but at the very least, I know that we are a block who will stand up for each other, in good times or in bad. 🙂

Law school might be giving me a lot of stress and sleepless nights, but I find consolation in the fact that I’m having a great time as well. I survived the first half of the semester, and hopefully, bracing though the latter half would be a more pleasurable and eventful journey. 🙂


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