PROFILES: Faye Monchelle Gonzalez

Faye and her Twin. Hahaha

Standing at an imposing height of 5’11, beauty queen-turned-supermodel Faye Monchelle Opulencia Gonzalez is continually showing the world what she’s got and what she is still capable of doing. Throughout the past months, this statuesque chic has been gracing the covers of renowned fashion magazines, and at the same time conquering the runways of New York, Milan and Paris. And right now, this lady stunner shows no sign of stopping as she is set to become Bollywood’s new queen via a highly-budgeted film debut.


On a serious note though, Faye could be regarded of as one of the greatest friends a person could possibly have. :)

I first met her during the heydays of her being a wild child.  Hahaha. We were introduced at Drews by our common friends, Kaye and Hazel. During the first few months of knowing each other, we would typically bond over alcohol together with our friends after class. I can even remember that during one of those times, we gave her a moniker with the initials “BQ” (won’t tell what it stands for haha) because of something that she always does to us. :))

I think that this is my first photo together with Faye!

As weeks passed by, we became really close and I could say that she is one of the most amazing persons I’ve met during college. As she progressed through college, Faye shed her happy-go-lucky past and she started to prove what she is truly capable of. She dabbled in the arts. She immersed herself in social work. She excelled in academics, as proven by her being a constant dean’s lister and later on graduated with a Cum Laude distinction. Faye was very passionate in every single thing that she did.

If there is one particular trait that I really admire in her, then it is her unrelenting and consistent fervor to stand by her principles. Faye is a person who is never afraid to stand up for the things that she really believes in and she even fights for it. She has the guts to resist the dictates of society, even if her non-conformance would make her appear different from the rest.

It is with this characteristic also that Faye decided to (temporarily) halt being a corporate peon, and instead heed the call for her to give back and serve. Sometime this June, Faye will leave for Borongan, Samar as part of volunteering for the Jesuit Volunteers Program (JVP). She will be staying there for almost a year, doing the ministerial duties assigned to her.

I must admit, this is sad news for me and for all of Faye’s loved ones whom she will leave here in Manila. But although it pains us, we must realize that this is for a great cause that she really cares about. Personally, the idea of letting go of a friend knowing that she will be of great service to others is more than enough compensation for her temporary absence.

So Faye, as you embark on your journey, I wish that you would be able to accomplish what you envision for the community assigned to you. Knowing you, things would not be difficult and nothing would be impossible. Just as you put smiles and laughter in your friends’ faces here, may you also touch the lives of the people you would be meeting there. You could do it! :D

To you friend, I say, good luck and definitely, see you soon!!! Love you!

Ayan ha, pinost ko pa to! Haha!

One of my best memories with this girl: Flyfish!

Bora 2010

Good times. :)

Bora 2011

Graduation. (Look at her medal! Haha)

Love you friend! Take care in Samar! :)

P.S. We hope to see you sooner than you think!

P.P.S. Thanks to the new Facebook tool, “View Friendship”. Finding these photos is made way easier!

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