PFW: Derick Hibaler Holiday 2011

Derick Hibaler channeled his inner rock star in his Holiday 2011 collection. The pieces, which are mostly jeans and funkily-designed blazers, exude an authentic sense of masculinity and would definitely be perfect for a rugged get-up.

Ram Sagad in a Derick Hibaler blazer

Luke Jickain walks for Derick Hibaler

Topless model showing off Derick Hibaler's jeans collection

Models in Derick Hibaler creations

Derick Hibaler got a well-deserved applause from the audience.

View the rest of the photos here.


2 thoughts on “PFW: Derick Hibaler Holiday 2011

  1. where can i contact Derick Hibaler im interested to his designed. i watch him at kapuso mo jessica soho i like the designed of Rizal’s tuxedo/ jacket.. can you help me? thank you

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