Bangkok Shopping

Siam Paragon, one of Bangkok's posh shopping malls

Bangkok is a shopping mecca! Period.

If you’re on a trip to this wonderful city, there’s a high probability that the main reason you’re going there is not for the temples or any other cultural landscape that the place has to offer. Rather, you’re enticed to go to the Thai capital because of the wonderful shopping experience that the place promises.

Well, this is true for my case. During my recent trip to Thailand, I admit that the thought of coming back to Manila with a luggage full of fresh fashion finds is actually better than visiting tourist attractions. Before going there, I already did my research. I gathered some useful information on where are the awesome places to shop  or which corner of the city can I find great bargains. And most importantly, I already had a picture in mind of the stuff that I’ll splurge my savings on.

Just what I had expected, the city did not disappoint. You could find merchandise practically in every nook and cranny of the city! Whether be it inside the posh malls or just along the streets, Bangkok is host to a vast amount of retail treasure! Perhaps this is instigated by the high sense of fashion that the citizens have. It is safe to surmise that the people there have no concept of being overdressed. Thai people are dressed so well that it is hard to tell the distinction among the social class divide. Even if you’re just riding mass transit or just walking along the streets, you would find impeccably-dressed people strutting their stuff around.

After the tours that we had for each day, I still managed to go out and visit various retail areas. There’s no time to waste when you’re in the center of the action. I separated myself from my family during this time. Since I’m the adventurous type, I would go far from where we’re staying and do my shopping there. My family and cousins did theirs in the Pratunam area (our hotel is located there) and in the nearby Platinum mall. I, on the other hand, took the Skytrain and went to areas such as the Silom night market and the Chatuchak weekend market. There, I found fantastic pieces at very cheap prices. I was also able to explore some of Bangkok’s high-end shopping malls like the Siam Paragon and Central World. Aside from foreign luxury brands located in these malls, there are also a slew of home-grown brands which depict how fashion-forward Thais are. Almost all of these local brands are updated with the trends and with what’s new on the global runway.

Our fourth day and last day in the city was solely dedicated for (last-minute) shopping. Thank God! I was able to purchase most of my loot that day. Being exhausted from all the walking and the immense heat is worth it since I’m very happy with my purchases. 😀

Cow-skin Leather Wallet

Circular shades and cute specs

Brown Blazer

Blue and Red Trousers

Polo Shirts

Short-sleeved Polos

Long-sleeved Polos

Dress Shirts and Button-downs

Outdoor Dress Boots

Hope you liked them too!  I can’t wait to go back!

PS. Oh but before that happens, I need to save up for shopping money again. :))


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