Photo Shoot: Back In Time

Still Waters

I have a confession: dressing up and posing for the camera is one guilty pleasure that I engage myself in.

Now that the secret is out, I want to share some photos of a shoot that I had with two of my closest friends, Kaye and Faye, last Thursday. Actually, we’ve been planning to do this since last year, but we always get caught up with the demands of school work. Thankfully, summer vacation gave us the time to spend an afternoon devoted to pure narcissism.

To add drama and dimension to the photos that we would be taking, we had the shoot in the “walled city” of Intramuros. Built during the Spanish era, this Manila district is home to antique houses and structures which exemplify the magnificence of 18th century architecture. This is perhaps one of the good things left of the colonial times. There are lots of potential backdrops to choose from: beautiful gardens, stone and brick houses, timeless churches, or even just the plain walls of the city, whose sheer elegance shines through despite its contrast with evidences of modernity already present in the area.

We chose to shoot in Fort Santiago. However, the guards were thinking that the nature of our project would be something beyond personal consumption. They were requiring us to secure a permit, which would cause quite a fortune. (I think this only applies inside Fort Santiago. For other place inside Intramuros, you still need a permit to do a shoot, but you could get this for free at the Palacio del Gobernador.) Hence, this limited our actuations during the shoot, making it hard for us to project in front of the camera. Hahaha! Kaye and I brought several outfit changes, but doing so might spark suspicion from the guards. However, I was still able to muster the courage to change my clothes. After all, I don’t want to waste the opportunity to come up with good display photos for my social networking accounts. :))

Since we arrived at the area with more than half of the afternoon already done, we weren’t able to have enough time to tour the entire place and scout every corner with good lighting to have our pictures taken. Not to worry though. This gives us another reason to go back (and prepare new sets of outfits) 😉

Photos courtesy of Kaye’s DSLR and editing by Faye. Check out Faye’s version of our adventure here.

Empty Space

Caged Ambitions

Towering Desires

Wheels and Heels

Looking Back


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