PFW: Yako Reyes Holiday 2011

Yako Reyes, popularly known for his bag and luggage pieces, finally made the shift and started making clothes for his Holiday 2011 collection. His crossover to this new endeavor showed a different side of him; yet, this didn’t prevent him from showcasing designs with creative zest.

Christian dela Cruz for Yako Reyes

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PFW: Kermit Tesoro Holiday 2011

Bloody fashion. Kermit Tesoro once again proved why he is dubbed as the “Alexander McQueen of the Philippines” through his Holiday 2011 collection. The pieces, which take its cue from the human anatomy, is filed with patterns that resemble the human heart, arteries, veins and other internal organs. And oh, you’re right right – red is the dominant color in the collection and it screams blood.

Transvestite model Xtina in Kermit Tesoro's finale dress full of veins.

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PFW: Jeffrey Rogador Holiday 2011

Everything seemed to be spectacular in Jeffrey Rogador’s Holiday 2011 collection. It appears that every color is well-represented in the assortment of the pieces, which are composed of jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses.The bubble-thought statement headpieces worn by the models added individuality to the designs, suggesting that each piece in the collection conveys something more than what meets the eye.

Statement headpieces make Jeffrey Rogador's collection "say something"

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PFW: Derick Hibaler Holiday 2011

Derick Hibaler channeled his inner rock star in his Holiday 2011 collection. The pieces, which are mostly jeans and funkily-designed blazers, exude an authentic sense of masculinity and would definitely be perfect for a rugged get-up.

Ram Sagad in a Derick Hibaler blazer

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