I’ll Always Be A Fan!

Lady GaGa recently released "Judas," the second single from her new album.

If there is one artist whom I genuinely admire, then hands-down, it would be Lady GaGa.

In just a small span of time, she has become a household name, selling millions of records and single. She is considered a pop culture icon given her eclectic way of dressing and her unique kind of art she pours into her works. She certainly has a large following, given that her YouTube videos were watched more than a billion times and that she is the most followed person on social networking sites.

Yesterday, she premiered a live performance of her new single, “Judas”, on the Ellen show. It’s the second single off her new album which will be released on May 23. Watch the video after the jump.

Once again, “Judas” never failed to spark controversy given the religious references the song pertains too. There is even a rumor that Lady GaGa will impersonate Mary Magdalene in the video. Nevertheless, just like any other GaGa masterpiece, I’m very excited for it! So with the rest of the album!

One thing I like about her is that her music is not just for entertainment’s sake, but there are underlying meanings behind the things the she do. Her principles shine in her music, the most notable oh which is her battle cry for equality. Here is the video of her interview with Ellen.

With all the achievements (and quirkiness) that she had already accomplished, one may doubt if she can still top all these. But given the bottomless well of creative juice that flows within her, for sure, the possibilities are endless.


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