If I Were A Royal…

Just a few days from now, the world will bear witness to history as Prince William of Wales ties the knot with his long-time college sweetheart, Kate Middleton. Dubbed as the Royal Wedding of the Century, the ceremony will take place on April 29 at the historic Westminster Abbey. With the advent of modern broadcasting tools and the internet, an estimated 2 billion people from across the globe would be able to watch it live.

I understand the tremendous fanfare behind all these. However, it makes me wonder what if I were in Prince William’s place. Or any other member of the monarchy, whatsoever. What if I were a royal?

The photo above is one of my (failed) attempts at becoming one.  It was one of our test shots for our Asian History play circa 2008. Before you mock it, I have to admit that that photo was a very lame attempt. Hahaha. It is not becoming of a monarch  to dress like that. I look more like a monk or some Tibetan tribe leader. At the very least, I love my pose though. :))

Anyway. if I were a royal, I’d like my official name to be (drum roll please) His Royal Highness, Prince Carlo, Duke of York. I chose York because… it sounds so regal. LOL

Unlike monarchs these days who choose to dress according to what’s contemporary, I’d like to remain traditional. I’ll hire designers to make me those Renaissance-era robes, emblazoned with ruffles, golden linings, jewels and beads. Then of course, the garb wouldn’t be complete without accessories. And to top it all, I must wear a cape, crown and scepter during special occasions. Here is an example of what I envision. This is Henry VIII, who ruled England during the 16th Century. Notice his elaborate get-up. He also had six wives – but that is beside the point.

King Henry VIII. I'd love to have the wardrobe of monarchs from the classical period.

Same specification applies to my official residence. I want to live in a castle that looks simply majestic. I want to have a palace which is a cross between traditional and modern architecture. Too Disney-looking castles are out of the question since I’m afraid that evil witches or dragons might be lurking around. Hahaha. Won’t go deep into the details of the interiors since that would be so tedious. The photo below is a perspective of what my dream castle looks like.

This particular castle seems to have the perfect balance between a traditional and a modern one.

As for the things that I would do as a royal, I would stick to what current monarchs engage themselves in. Unlike before when kings have absolute power over kingdoms, monarchs these days tend to be more representational. So if I were a royal, I’ll engage myself in civic activities and social work. If given the chance, I’d like to help in managing the affairs of the state, or even just my own estate. Of course, philanthropy is part of my role; however, I’m not sure yet what kind of causes I’ll immerse myself in.

Here is an overall peg of how I want to live my life as a royal:

The Tudors series ran from 2007 to 2010 and it stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII of England

The Tudors was a Canadian-Irish series which centers on the life of England’s King Henry VIII. It stars Jonathan Rhys Meyer and ran for four seasons. I really enjoyed watching this period drama almost a year ago. I was able to watch the first tw0 seasons only. I’ll try to catch up with the remaining two maybe next month. Although it is rooted in history, the series did not faithfully subscribe to events as they happened detail by detail. Changes were made so that it would be “eventful” enough for television viewing. Well if you don’t really care about its attempt to relive history, then perhaps the sexual underpinnings and the erotic spark among 16th century royals might tickle your fancy.

Alright, alright. I’ll stop now before this post totally blows out of proportion. I have been too narcissistic with the details I envision for myself. Oh well, they’re mere illusions anyway. :))


If I were a royal... I'll make the world a peaceful place.


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