New Beginnings

The Easter Bunny

Easter has always been associated with new beginnings. After all, it is not considered Catholicism’s greatest feast for nothing. As the Messiah, Christ suffered and died on the cross to save mankind from eternal damnation. In turn, His resurrection sends us his message of renewal. Lent allowed us a time to reflect; and now, Easter gives us the opportunity to undertake the right course of action. More than just New Year’s resolutions, I believe that Easter is the perfect time for someone to really engage himself in change that is long-lasting.

Less than a month from now, I would be facing a world that is very different from what I am accustomed to. As a law student, I know that more would be demanded from me and I must manage to cope with it. Doing this is easier said than done. Not only will I need a complete overhaul of my study habits, but I also need to assess certain aspects of my life. I have to make tough decisions, taking into account the eventual effects on my career and more importantly, on the weight it carries over my sensibilities as a person. Yet, no matter how I decide, I guess that it would still be a game changer for me. Both will entail consequences that could alter things that I thought were already permanent – the status quo in me that I thought would be forever.

Alas, I must learn how to adapt to whatever change is coming. In this way, things will be clearer, allowing myself for a new beginning to ensue.

In one way or another, the next four years would be a fresh start for me and I would surely make things work for the better. Entering law school is a new battleground. Along the way, I would stumble, fall and be wounded; but I certainly won’t get myself killed. Remnants of my old self would be scattered everywhere; but these would be mere reminders of the new self that I must rebuild. It is a new beginning that must not go to waste.

Happy Easter to all.


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