At last, I’m blogging again!!!

I should have written and posted this entry months ago, but school work (and laziness) got in the way. Besides, I find it hard to decide what a good and interesting domain/WordPress ID would be. Haha!

Actually, it took me a while before I finally mustered enough determination to share my random musings online. Well yeah, I’m active on Twitter, but blogging the traditional way is still different. It’s high-maintenance: it takes a lot of time and effort to update and write new entries.

Nevertheless, I promise that I would blog religiously from this point onwards.

So dear readers, allow me to engage you in thought through my personal experiences, anecdotes, rants, wit and an occasional dose of narcissism. I assure you, it would be no boring read.

With my thoughts brimming with excitement,

Carlo 🙂


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