I’ll Always Be A Fan!

Lady GaGa recently released "Judas," the second single from her new album.

If there is one artist whom I genuinely admire, then hands-down, it would be Lady GaGa.

In just a small span of time, she has become a household name, selling millions of records and single. She is considered a pop culture icon given her eclectic way of dressing and her unique kind of art she pours into her works. She certainly has a large following, given that her YouTube videos were watched more than a billion times and that she is the most followed person on social networking sites.

Yesterday, she premiered a live performance of her new single, “Judas”, on the Ellen show. It’s the second single off her new album which will be released on May 23. Watch the video after the jump.

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If I Were A Royal…

Just a few days from now, the world will bear witness to history as Prince William of Wales ties the knot with his long-time college sweetheart, Kate Middleton. Dubbed as the Royal Wedding of the Century, the ceremony will take place on April 29 at the historic Westminster Abbey. With the advent of modern broadcasting tools and the internet, an estimated 2 billion people from across the globe would be able to watch it live.

I understand the tremendous fanfare behind all these. However, it makes me wonder what if I were in Prince William’s place. Or any other member of the monarchy, whatsoever. What if I were a royal? Continue reading

Skyway Sky-high New Toll

South Metro Manila Skyway System

It seems that living in the south would become a bit costlier these days.

Effective today, April 26, 2011, motorists passing through the South Metro Manila Skyway Project (or simply Skyway) would have to shell out more money for usage of the said toll road. The Skyway system, which spans the length of Buendia in Makati City to Alabang in Muntinlupa City, consists of both the elevated portion and the at-grade highway. Continue reading

New Beginnings

The Easter Bunny

Easter has always been associated with new beginnings. After all, it is not considered Catholicism’s greatest feast for nothing. As the Messiah, Christ suffered and died on the cross to save mankind from eternal damnation. In turn, His resurrection sends us his message of renewal. Lent allowed us a time to reflect; and now, Easter gives us the opportunity to undertake the right course of action. More than just New Year’s resolutions, I believe that Easter is the perfect time for someone to really engage himself in change that is long-lasting. Continue reading


I have to admit, this is perhaps one of the best days of my life. I got admitted to Ateneo Law School.

Yeah I know, to some this might not be big enough of a deal; but this means so much for me. Last week, I graduated from college, not sure on what would I be doing after. Some of my batchmates already have job offers from those multinational companies, but there I was, still undecided on which track I will choose to take. I didn’t bother to submit my resume during the job fair at school, nor did I check potential job matches on JobStreet or JobsDB. During that time, my mind is set that I would first wait for the results of the law school admissions before really doing something concrete about my immediate plans. Continue reading